Chef David Ferguson 3

Bringing Gourmet to the Everyday

A true family meal is when the stresses of the day are shared across a table laden with a hearty meal, when heavy moments are lightened with laughter and a family or group of friends can reconnect while nourishing body and soul. This pastime is re-emerging here in West Knoxville, and with a gourmet flair to boot. Chef David Ferguson creates custom menus, filled with delicious offerings of old favorites with new twists, that he brings to your home, event, or that he will even teach you to make.

Family Meal is already a part of the strong entrepreneurial community present in West Knoxville. David and his family moved to Knoxville after making an impact in the coastal Connecticut and Los Angeles food scenes. His personal favorite dishes exemplify his diversity of skills, ranging from Neapolitan pizza to scallops. Thankfully, the Shrimp Dock imports their scallops directly from Connecticut’s coast, giving David, and seafood-loving clients, a taste of his home.

David offers the unique experience of bringing a private chef into your home. From meal planning to shopping to food preparation and reheating instructions, he will create a custom culinary experience for your family or gathering. David tailors your meal based off of preferences previously discussed, and can delight your taste buds in both new and familiar ways. Whether you’re looking for a steaming meat and potatoes supper or a lighter organic kale and quinoa creation, David calculates the ideal concoction specifically for you and your family or party. From shopping to cleanup, he takes care of every detail.

“I am completely self-contained and reliant, using all my own equipment and cleaning supplies so that all the client must provide is the stove and the oven,” he says. “All the food is stored in high-quality Pyrex storage containers that I purchase for the client and packaged with their menu and re-heating instructions. Usually all that is required for them to do is preheat the oven and warm the food for 12-15 minutes and they’ll have food on their table for their family.”

The mouthwatering sample menu highlights the variety available, including organic chicken, a roadhouse burger with bourbon ketchup, spaghetti bolognese, fig-stuffed pork loin and paneer curry. The Family Meal blog,, provides recipes that give a gourmet touch to beloved classics, such as updating the steadfast comfort food macaroni and cheese with the addition of gruyere, aged cheddar and shaved parmesan. The blog recipes are refreshingly precise, right down to what percent milk to use to make the best version of your childhood favorite.

Groups large and small alike enjoy David’s services. If you’re hosting a larger gathering, leave all the meal planning to Family Meal. Every event is more memorable when guests leave with sated appetites, and Family Meal’s style and customization is sure to delight your crowd. Whether you’re celebrating a life event such as a wedding or baby shower, or simply gathering your nearest and dearest for a small reunion or big backyard bash, Family Meal can provide an array of delights. From appetizers to full menus, David crafts the concept and menu to your specifications, always taking into account food allergies and environmentally conscious ingredient preferences.

If you find you want to up your own cooking game, David offers cooking classes. From one-on-one to small groups, Family Meal can teach you to make a particular dish or offer an overview on basic techniques—all from the comfort of your own home.

“Cooks are taught and live by a method of organization called mise en place, which means ‘everything in it’s place,’ and this is the first thing I will go over in a basic introductory class,” he says. “It teaches a cook to prepare all ingredients beforehand and organize them so that when they are needed, they are easily at hand.”

Regardless of which dish he teaches you to cook, you’re sure to improve your skills and, because you’re taught in your own home, use your space more efficiently moving forward. When you want David’s fares every night of the week, opt for his cooking class and recreate his masterpieces yourself.

From a gourmet home-cooked meal to special events to cooking classes, Family Meal provides a delicious way to experience new dishes and old favorites in the comfort of your own home. Gather your beloveds to join you, and discover new horizons.