Thanksgiving Traditions 3

Visiting West Knoxville businesses is a pleasure, as the owners and staff are friendly and embody Southern hospitality. Get to know the people behind some of these beloved businesses and discover their favorite Thanksgiving traditions. As for me, I’ll be baking up a storm while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Peg Hambright 
Magpies Bakery

“Our Thanksgiving tradition was always that it was untraditional. My mother, Hazel, is the best cook I’ve ever known, and she would pull out the stops for the holidays,” Peg says. “You never knew what she might come up with. Standing rib roast one year, duck the next, lobster-stuffed tenderloin the next. She would sometimes make turkey, but not that often. Her stuffing balls were amazing, and I remember an asparagus casserole that she would make that my brother loved, but I thought was disgusting. She always made a pumpkin pie, though. I use her recipe to this day.”

Chris Ford | Sweet P’s

“[Co-Owner] Jonathan [Ford] and I spend all our Thanksgivings together as is has always been our tradition to celebrate turkey day with the Ford side of the family,” Chris says. “Our favorite traditions are the annual football game, which has now turned into a cornhole tourney due to the advancing age of the incredibly competitive patriarchs.  [Then] watching ‘A Christmas Story’ after the 2.5-hour feast my mother lays out. Most important is spending time with the Ford side of the family.”

Jason Cummings 
Capital Choice Financial Group

“We go to my wife’s grandmother’s house in north Georgia and make the whole dinner at her house,” Jason says. “It has allowed us to have my sister and our nieces to come eat with us. We take a picture of all the kids sitting on the stairs every year.”


“Our favorite thing is visiting our family at our sixth-generation owned apple orchard. Well, that, and adding extra butter to the mashed potatoes.”

Angela Taylor 
Floyd’s Garage Antiques

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is passing a penny around the Thanksgiving dinner table and letting each person hold it and tell what they are thankful for that past year,” Angela says.

Natalie Rickerson 
Knoxville Moms Blog

“We stay in town and have Thanksgiving with my husband’s family,” Natalie says. “We fry multiple turkeys, and I will never go back to oven turkey again. Once we eat we all settle in to watch some college football and the dog show.”