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Making Fitness Fun with Dragonfly Aerial

The person who pushes you to do your best is more than just a trainer: they have a lifetime of experiences that have shaped how they guide you to reach your goals. Dragonfly Aerial Arts Studio is a unique fitness experience, offering aerial and conditioning classes. They’ll help you become your best self, and learn some cool new skills too. Meet three of their trainers, and learn a little bit more about who they are.

“My favorite part of teaching aerials is helping people get to places they never imagined they could be. The excitement and sense of accomplishment that a student feels when they do a trick or create a routine that last week or last month or last year they could not do—there is no substitute.

“We at Dragonfly believe strongly that aerials (and circus) is for everyone, no matter your age, your weight, your physical or mental abilities. With the support of good coaches who have training in teaching and keeping people safe, you can accomplish anything. Having a regular aerial practice can transform what is possible in other areas of your life. I have seen it happen for my students and it has been true for me too. Ten years ago I couldn’t have imagined that today I would be doing what I am doing. And I started aerials and circus at the age of 40.” —Lissa McLeod

“One of my favorite memories comes from our annual Circus Extravaganza show. We were performing at Pellissippi State Community College’s Clayton Center on [a] stage with state-of-the-art lighting and great sound. We showed up at noon to start preparing for the 2 p.m. show, only to find out that the power was out across the whole campus. We huddled together, decided ‘the show must go on’ and sent tech folks out to the store to buy flashlights and batteries. We ran the whole show with flashlights (instead of spotlights) and a boombox! The audience responded so well. I think they appreciated that the show happened anyway and they really felt like they were a part of the whole production.” —Christy Muecke

“I wish someone had told me to take my time and not stress about the things I can’t do today. I have learned that if you just keep coming and working, you get stronger and more flexible as you go.” —Jake Weinstein