Whole-Body Tone 8

Use Things Around the House in This Workout by Totality Living Well

At Totality Living Well, a comprehensive wellness company on Homberg Drive, fitness is personal.

“We’re a company based on body, mindset and spirit,” owner Scott Williams says. “Our goal is to help each client find personal balance between work, family and fun.”

“Sometimes people come to us for a nutrition plan, and sometimes they also want an exercise plan,” Michelle Williams says. “Sometimes people come to us for weight loss and end up discovering lifestyle balance.”

Totality Living Well isn’t just the typical fitness center; it’s a fitness company. Services include public speaking engagements, personal training, nutritional coaching, fitness coaching, neuromuscular massage therapy and grocery store shop-along.

Scott and Michelle don’t look like the typical parents of teenagers, either. Their good looks radiate youth and health and instantly create confidence in their knowledge of nutrition and fitness. Both have appeared as regular guests on Knoxville’s NBC (WBIR), Fox (WTNZ), CBS (WVLT) and ABC (WATE) affiliates.

“We have realized through the years that the hardest thing for most people is to eat,” Scott says.

“Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, feel healthier or are restricted by health conditions, healthy habits can be achieved and maintained. 

“In seeing this growing need for clean quality meals that have amazing flavor, we decided to start our food service. With the help of our amazing chef Mark McKinney, Totality Cafe was born. We provide amazing dishes that are gluten-free, soy-free and can be utilized for many people with dietary restrictions.

“We work very hard in coaching all age groups,” he says.

There are no set hours at Totality Living Well; it is by appointment only, Monday through Friday, and costs $15 a month.

“All of our programs are priced individually based on your interests,” Scott says. “We give clients an opportunity to pick what they’d like to do.”

“Michelle and I met about four years ago,” Scott says. “We started dating and fell in love cooking food together. We both had similar passions of helping others with health and well-being. Michelle is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist with more than 15 years of experience as a health coach. My background included over 25 years of personal training, nutritional consulting and neuromuscular massage. Her passions included youth nutrition, public relations and women-specific training. Together we became Totality Living Well.”

With the new year come new opportunities and individuals might want to add a new 15-minute workout to their exercise schedule.

“During this 15 minutes, you want to get your heart rate up as high as you can to get your body into a caloric burn, because that will help you burn calories for the rest of the day,” he says.

These easy, at-home exercises use things sitting the house for core-strengthening, balance and a complete whole-body tone for the perfect quick workout.

“They’ll be fun for people to do because they’re unconventional, and will give you a great workout in a short amount of time,” Scott says.

1. Compass Leg Circuit

Begin with one leg, and step out front into a lunge. With that same leg, transition into a squat out to the side, then step to the back and complete the move with a squat with legs together. Do this for 5-10 times on one side and repeat the moves on opposite side for the same number of repetitions.

2. Standing Alphabet

Begin with legs shoulder-width apart. Pick a chosen household item that weighs at least 6 pounds. Keep torso stiff while drawing each letter of the alphabet.

3. Euro Pillow Pass

Begin by lying flat on your back with arms overhead holding a pillow. Slowly round up and pass the pillow between legs and lower legs and arms simultaneously. Continue the exercise by passing the pillow back to the hands. Repeat 10 times.

4. Bicep-Triceps Curl Extensions

Slightly bend knees and lean forward. Pick a comfortable yet challenging weight and begin with a bicep curl, then progress immediately into extending arms straight back. Repeat the continuous move for 60 seconds.

Lateral Pushups

On a mat, assume a pushup position. Before you begin, move the left hand to the outside of the mat and complete a pushup. Next, do a pushup with both hands on the mat. Finish the move with the right hand off of the mat for the final move. Repeat this sequence 5-10 times.