Beautiful Midcentury Modern Home Offers Breathtaking Views

A curving driveway suddenly opens to an expansive view, with a modern home situated amidst the mature trees. With the foliage surrounding the home on a large lot, it seems both part of nature and a separate marvel.

The house is a combination of materials that coalesce into a sleek modern design. Five acres of land surround the home, with woods and rolling hills creating breathtaking views from every window.

The homeowners worked with William Andrews Architects, who designed a structure that both fit with the setting and took advantage of the lovely scenery, and Purvis Builders to build their home. The homeowners didn’t aim for modern but found it fit their needs perfectly. 

“We’ve both always had an interest in Frank Lloyd Wright and midcentury modern design. Sitting down with the architects, they did a great job of going modern and utilizing the space, topography and our views,” the homeowner explains.

The door opens to a space that contains the kitchen, dining and living area. Floor-to-ceiling windows showcase the expansive view, with rolling hills giving way to woods. A fireplace with a built-in bench is the focus of one wall. The windows allow natural light to fill the space, while the wood ceilings provide warmth. A photo wall highlights family memories while abstract art and natural materials create a comfortable atmosphere.

The cantilevered screened patio is outfitted with midcentury modern furniture and an outdoor fireplace. The family loves spending time outside, roaming the hills, riding mountain bikes around a trail that surrounds the house, or following a path through their property to reach a lake.

The house was designed around the lay of the land, incorporating the golden fields and forest to optimize the view from each room.

“No matter where you are, you have a beautiful view, ” associate architect Logan Higgins says.

The master bedroom offers unparalleled views, with a wall of windows showcasing glorious sunrises. A cube wall separates the master bedroom from its bathroom, with clean lines, smooth surfaces and a glass shower. Every window offers a glimpse of the natural beauty that surrounds the home.

Four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a common area create plenty of room for the family of six downstairs as well. Each family member’s room is designed to suit their interests, while a midcentury modern item ties the design in with the rest of the house.

Whether it’s a wall of windows in the downstairs hallway, a grand picture window in the stairway or high windows in the bathroom, natural light and beauty abound. The natural surroundings provide a treehouse-like setting, complete with deer wandering right up to the house.