Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Tennessee Will be Held in September

Last summer, a Knoxville interior designer had a moment of brilliant inspiration. It had nothing to do with colors or furniture. Instead, Elizabeth Grant realized that she and friend Hope Davis had something in common: both had parents who had been touched by Alzheimer’s.

She also knew that Scott and Hope Davis, owners of Eagle Bend Development & Construction, had had to put a major renovation of their home off Northshore Drive on hold when Hope’s father needed more day-to-day care.

“Knowing that Hope’s father has Alzheimer’s and has been placed in assisted living, so they’re available to do something here and that my mom had passed away from Alzheimer’s three years ago, I thought, ‘What a great idea it would be to do a fundraiser here,’” Elizabeth says.

“It was weird,” Hope says. “It was kismet. It was supposed to be. We got really excited about it and said ‘Let’s just propose it to Alzheimer’s Tennessee.’ We proposed it, and they were onboard.”

The drawings by home designer Stephen Davis are almost complete.

“I want everybody who gets involved in the process to enjoy themselves, have fun and also do something good for Alzheimer’s,” Scott says.

The inaugural event is scheduled for 20 days in September.

Designers include Wolfgang Schaber, Wolfgang Interiors; Sally McFalls, Cottage Door Interiors; Sandy Kozar, Decorating Den Interiors; Natalie Clayman Interiors; Chris McKenry Closets by McHenry; Scott Bishop, Westwood Antiques and Design; Larry Fendley, son Scott Fendley and Kendra Campbell, Standard Kitchen & Bath; Sylvia McCormick; Susan Gates; Jennifer Neil, Tile Sensations and Design; Jeff Heiskell and his team at Ethan Allen; and Esther Golightly Interiors.

Local suppliers and participants include Cella Flooring Design, Tile Sensations, Exact Tile, Noland Supply and Standard Kitchen & Bath.

A one-day ticket is $20, and a ticket for $25 allows unlimited visits.

“I believe we’ll raise a lot of money,” Elizabeth says.

Alzheimer’s Tennessee is located at 5801 Kingston Pike. Learn more at or call 865.544.6288.