A Place for Positive Energy 9

Alma Diem Design Promotes Spiritual Growth

Three years ago, Melanie Alexander, owner of Alma Diem, caught a vision for her life: to create a peaceful community. Already an entrepreneur and businesswoman, Melanie felt a strong calling to take a next step, to bring other business people together, to build a space where God’s presence was not only felt but desired and requested. Alma Diem, which means to be present within one’s soul every day, was born.

“Alma Diem is an action, a way of life, a kind essence,” Melanie says. “We opened up an energy vortex. My business was made for this.”

The building sat empty for 20 years, so the physical work of revamping it was long-suffering. Melanie worked closely alongside interior designer Jenny Grimes to create a cooperative office space that promotes well-being, economic growth and spiritual nourishment. The design plan was always in line with the original vision, evident by the space’s radiance and connections to rooted principles. From the hand-painted walls and rotating art exhibits to the inspirational signs and aromatherapy candles, Alma Diem is unlike any office space in town, and that’s on purpose.

"Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey. I love to light people up because I know what it’s like to be in the dark."