A Perfect Night Out with the Guys 2

Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern and Harrogate’s Lounge

Six years ago, Matt Pacetti and his wife, Anne, seized on an opportunity to open a craft beer bar next door to the liquor store where he worked on Gay Street. Four years later, they opened an adjacent arcade and connected the two. Now, Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern and Harrogate’s Lounge make for a perfect night out, compete with food, drinks and a competitive round of Skee-Ball.


“The craft beer thing was going to happen, whether we did it or not, but the arcade? What a great concept,” Matt says. “You can have a cocktail while you play Galaga. I was born in 1980 and never grew out of that age.”


Enter either establishment through its front door and enjoy crossing over as the mood strikes. Another drink, another game, a second bowl of ramen.


“The coolest thing is when people get excited in the arcade,” he says. “They want to play all the games, which is how I feel walking into an arcade. People get really serious about their foosball.”



The menu at Suttree’s is a step above simple: a grilled cheese sandwich, elevated; smoked pork, a little fancy. It’s the ramen, though, that brings people back. The ramen dishes were a “happy accident,” according to Matt, who enjoyed the simple dish and doctored it to make it better. It caught on and took off with five different varieties of the noodle soup, from vegetarian and breakfast style to spicy and beefy. Who knew an old standby could be so good?



As all craft beer bars should, Suttree’s rotates its beer menu almost daily. When a barrel runs out, staff pop on a new one—no fuss needed. Suttree’s keeps the menu diverse in flavor and price point, so patrons won’t dare run out of new pints to try. If beer isn’t your thing, the bar is stocked with everything needed for a popular cocktail or something off the menu. The selections of bourbon, brandy, scotch and wine offer something for everyone.



From foosball and pinball machines (old and new) to pool tables and standard arcade games like Pac-Man, Harrogate’s is a playground like no other downtown. Coined the “misfit sister” of Suttree’s, Harrogate’s is home to Skee-Ball and darts, among other old-school entertainment systems. Create a tournament among your friends and see who comes out on top. If playing arcade games isn’t your thing, you can still pay homage to our local royalty and spy an original 1970s Dolly Parton pinball machine.