Felding Co.’s Selvedge Denim an Essential for the Modern Man

When Luke Lanzoni got the idea to create a men’s casual clothing shop in Knoxville, he knew the possibility of its success was good. The business model was an easy one: prioritize quality and integrity, and understand your customer. When Felding Co. opened last year, it happened because he was determined to bring a new level of style to menswear but to also beat everyone to the punch.  

“I knew we had the market for it, with young creatives staying in Knoxville,” Luke says. “I kept going to other cities on vacation or travel for work and would see shops like this and couldn’t believe we didn’t have something similar. I was either going to do it or watch someone else do it and then be frustrated that it wasn’t me.”

The Felding Co. customer is one who appreciates finer things but also answers a call to the wild, able to embrace an innate ruggedness and desire to be in the elements. He is an explorer and whiskey drinker, one who can fish for his own dinner but be equally content with ordering from a four-star menu. He is one who invests in a pair of well-made, perfectly cut pair of jeans because it is an essential, foundational piece of a worthy wardrobe.

Not just any pair of jeans, though. Felding Co. specializes in selvedge denim, a raw woven loomstate fabric which requires a certain level of care. Selvedge denim gets better over time and with each wear as if it’s getting to know the body and will last exponentially longer than any pair of standard department store jeans. To purchase and wear selvedge denim means you understand the investment in quality.

“You could run to the mall and find a pair of slim Levi’s and get a similar cut. You’ll spend $60, and you’ll get six months of regular wear, maybe a year,” he says. “And then it starts to rip, and then you’ll have a high-friction blowout.”

If it seems like a no-brainer, it is. The same holds true for resilient shoes that maintain upper integrity and can be resoled when needed. Felding Co. proudly carries a selection of Red Wings, a century-old Minnesota company known for its purpose-built footwear.

“I emphasize the cost per wear, but there’s also an ethical aspect,” Luke says. “People are chucking a pair or two of jeans into the landfill each year. I also want to steer people toward a smaller wardrobe. People only wear about 25 percent of their closet because those are the things they really love. Pare them down, love everything and wear everything you have in a multitude of outfits.”

Investing in a pair or two of selvedge denim jeans is a solid step toward refining your wardrobe and creating a style that’s classic and polished for every occasion.

1134 N. Broadway, Knoxville, Tennessee, 865.325.9349, Felding.co