Warm Tones Paired with Pops of Color Offers a Vibrant Look for Fall

When the season shifts and temperatures change, it’s time to reevaluate your wardrobe. Out go the shapes and colors of months gone by, ready to move forward into something new. While there’s no need for a complete overhaul, the addition of a few statement pieces and accessories can be enough to embrace the flavors of fall.

For Janice Ann, owner of two boutiques by the same name, a passion for fashion has always existed.

“I think I loved clothes when I was born,” she says, laughing. “I had a very close, personal relationship with my mother, and that was one of the things we enjoyed together. We’d go downtown on Saturday, shop and have lunch.”

Twenty-one years ago, when she opened her first shop at 905 E. Emory, nestled between Powell and Halls, a significant chunk of her clientele came from West Knoxville. They kept a constant whisper in her ear to open a second location closer to them, a suggestion she eventually took almost three years ago when the Bearden Hill boutique opened its doors.

The key to a successful shop, according to Janice Ann, is knowing exactly who the customer is and what she wants, as well as keeping an eye out for something new. She takes chances with some pieces, bringing new styles to Knoxville from markets across the country. Janice Ann travels from New York to Dallas, from Atlanta to Las Vegas.

“My customer is classic with a huge pop of something fresh and new,” she says. “My eye really goes toward how I hear customers talking on the floor. Then I look for the lines that will enhance them.”

Two area locations, JaniceAnnsFashionsTN.com