FiA Nation Welcomes the New Year

Lizbette Bond, a California transplant and former rower, was a typical gym rat. She knew the benefits and didn’t mind doing the work. However, her husband, Nick, was enjoying a different experience as a member of F3, a free, participant-led boot camp for men rooted in fitness, fellowship and faith. She wanted to get out of the gym cycle and do something similar with a women’s group. Once she realized no such thing existed in Knoxville, she helped create one.

“There was a FiA group in Johnson City but not here, so my husband was like, ‘Why don’t you start one?’ and I was like, ‘What? We have two kids and a full-time job!’ But he kept putting it in my ear,” she says. “I got some more info to see what I needed to do.”

Females in Action has three areas of focus: body, mind and heart. In addition to free, 45-minute group workouts several times per week, participants also gather for discussion, encouragement and camaraderie to build up one another and foster personal growth. The program was inspired by F3 and has dozens of groups from Florida to Virginia. Bond officially launched the Knoxville group – which now includes an Alcoa location – in June 2018. Plans are underway for Hardin Valley and Farragut locations.

“We provide a nickname to everyone who comes in—FNG, Friendly New Girl—and we build a circle of trust to share something. We ask about your past and your passion. Eventually, you get a nickname that sticks. I’m 007, being a Bond,” she says. “I led for a while, but anyone can lead. We have paperwork to follow, rules under FiA. We have to be aware of time and focus on the fact that no woman is left behind. When we start the workout, we inform them that they exercise at their own risk, so listen to your body. We are all different women from different walks of life, but we’re all here for that camaraderie of working out.”

FiA Knoxville meets at the Lakeshore Park Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:15 a.m. and Saturday mornings at 7:15 a.m. The Alcoa group meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the high school parking lot at 5:15 a.m. Classes are led by Qs, a borrowed term from F3 that references a leader. 

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