Every year when May makes its welcomed return to our calendars, we can’t help but want to run outside and soak up the sunshine, listen to the birds singing, smell the cut grass and watch those bees buzzing around.

This month brings with it an abundance of joy—bright blue skies, a rainbow of flowers and, of course, the celebration of Mother’s Day on May 12.

In this issue, we have a celebration of some of the wonderful women in our community.

The following pages are filled with stories to inspire us all to appreciate the women in our lives and to strengthen the connection we have with our mothers, sisters, friends and daughters.

The Women’s Issue serves to recognize the powerful role women have in our community and beyond—from the feature on “Go-Getters and Heavy-Hitters,” Patricia Robledo in Inspired By, new techniques for treating mood disorders in Healthy Lifestyle, breaking money barriers in Financial Buzz and spa treatments in Local’s Choice.

I saw two quotes from Maya Angelou to leave you with: “I’m grateful to be a woman. I must have done something great in another life.” And: “Determine to live life with flair and laughter.”

So, to the great women of Knoxville—may you live your life with some flair and laughter, and may you find a quiet moment (or two) to enjoy this issue we’ve dedicated to you.

In parting, please let our marketing partners know that you appreciate their support of West Knoxville Lifestyle and feel free to reach out and say hello.

See you around!