February is our month of art, whether making, collecting, admiring or learning. We all love art because it gives us a glimpse into someone, the part of them we don’t see on the surface. We are all drawn to art in different ways. We like to look at and listen to art that makes us feel something, art that resonates with us. Through art, we learn about ourselves. 

As you read this month about some local artists in our community and their stories, we hope that you too are inspired to pursue what you love. After all, February is the month of love.

Our selections include:

“Artists on the Rise” – profiles of five local artists of various mediums showcasing their work. 


“Monsters Made With Love” – art therapy for people of all ages and abilities, where imperfection is embraced.

“To Challenge, Inspire, and Amuse” – a feature on The Flying Anvil Theatre, where they seek to entertain while also making the audience think outside the box. 

“Digital Creativity: From Idea to App” – a short profile on Lindsey Lieb, who created the Happego App.

“Inspiration for Creation” – art-related book suggestions by Union Ave. Books.

So, Knoxville, while you may fill your home with chocolates and flowers this month, remember to fill your heart too. Find what makes you feel alive—and don’t forget to share it. 

Remember, today is always a great day to love yourself.

Say hello and thank you to our marketing partners and as always reach out if you have a thought to share.


Best Wishes,