For the Love of Dogs (and Cats)

Some people say a home is a gallery of things we love, so why not include our beloved pets in our treasured artwork?

The Art of Recycling

For the uncreative, a heap of metal is just that—a pile of useless, rusty waste.

The Family Behind the Business

Master craftsman Charlie Saah started C & S Refinishing and Upholstery after learning the craft from his father. Now, his sons Christopher, Alexander and Andrew work with him in the family business. They stay true to family: six of their 15 employees are family members. From fixing a broken component to completely changing a furniture piece’s design to custom cabinetry, the…

Meet Inna Nasonova Knox

Vasiliy Nasonov taught himself law, and his friends and family came to him for advice. He taught himself fashion, and he sewed for his wife and children. He taught himself oil painting, and, although he never knew it, he taught at least one granddaughter how to live.