Volunteer is a Verb

Here in Knoxville, “Volunteer spirit” has a double entendre that usually involves a particular shade of orange. However, Alyson Gallaher likes to say “volunteer is a verb.” As executive director for Volunteer East Tennessee, a sort of matchmaking center for local nonprofits and individuals who want to serve, she is the expert on volunteering in this area. With 85 community partners…

Practice Gratitude

We all logically know that money by itself will not make us happy. Yet so often we find ourselves falling into the trap of wanting the next best thing, or struggling to delay gratification (for ourselves or those we love)—denying something good now in order to have something great later. Aside from focusing on willpower and self-discipline, which seem so…

Retreat to The Swag

Tucked away on the Cataloochee Divide, nestled between Knoxville and Asheville, is a mountaintop, award-winning resort designed to whisk away all your worries. At The Swag, guests are invited to unwind, unplug and enjoy the view. 

Five Ways to Give Back

November ushers in a season of giving, but it’s typically centered around holiday gifts to family members and friends. This year, what if we all took a different approach and decided to give back to our community instead? We all hold an incredible power to make a difference in one another’s lives, and sometimes all it takes is one small…

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Pop into Finn’s Restaurant and Tavern on any given evening, and you’ll immediately forget you’re in Knoxville. Through the front door, under the American and Irish flags, you’ll take to the wooden staircase and be greeted into the restaurant by two painted murals: Céad Míle Fáilte (Gaelic for “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes”) and the traditional Irish blessing, “May the Road Rise…

Kitchen Accomplished

Kitchen Tip 1: Instead of creating a palette of complementary colors, stick to similar tones and vary the textures. Brooke used reclaimed Chicago brick for a backsplash and whitewashed it to match the cabinetry. Similar tones were mirrored when selecting the granite countertops. Save the color for accents. 

Cheers to St. Midnight

Emily Crutcher, general manager of Old City Wine Bar, knows how to mix a good cocktail. She spent seven years as a bartender in Knoxville (nearly half of that at Old City) and enjoys crafting new seasonal drinks for patrons to try. Whenever she's crafting a cocktail, Emily starts with the visual.

Waste Not, Save Lots

Have you ever thrown out a head of rotten organic broccoli and been irritated about it? Or cleaned out your pantry to find a slightly used bag of quinoa purchased for a recipe made two years ago that’s now expired? Or what about this one—you reorganized your spice cabinet and found three containers of paprika? If you haven’t already suspected it,…

The Last Warm Night

The hot, steamy days of summer are nearing their end and giving way to picture-perfect cool nights. There is nothing like autumn in East Tennessee, but before you unearth those boots and jeans, give your maxi dresses and sandals one last go-around. Show a little skin, and enjoy one last warm night.

Frozen Yogurt for Everyone

Bearden locals are used to coming to Earth Fare for healthy food options, but take a stroll two doors down to Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt and you’ll find natural, good-for-you frozen yogurt unlike anything else in Knoxville. The family-owned and -operated store is ready to become a neighborhood hang-out for birthday parties, group events, date nights and more.