The Last Warm Night

The hot, steamy days of summer are nearing their end and giving way to picture-perfect cool nights. There is nothing like autumn in East Tennessee, but before you unearth those boots and jeans, give your maxi dresses and sandals one last go-around. Show a little skin, and enjoy one last warm night.

Frozen Yogurt for Everyone

Bearden locals are used to coming to Earth Fare for healthy food options, but take a stroll two doors down to Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt and you’ll find natural, good-for-you frozen yogurt unlike anything else in Knoxville. The family-owned and -operated store is ready to become a neighborhood hang-out for birthday parties, group events, date nights and more. 

Designed for Dignity

Shortly before Ben and Jennifer Jones were expecting their third child in 2014, a friend of theirs unexpectedly went into labor with her daughter at 23 weeks. The baby lived for 15 months in the NICU before passing away. One of the things Jennifer noticed during her friend’s immense grief was the struggle to find something her baby could wear…

Bouncing Back

It was another typical Wednesday afternoon workout that including deadlifts—loading a bar up with weight and lifting it off of the ground. I’ve done these 100 times before, and except for muscle aches in my legs, had never hurt myself. Honestly, the weight wasn’t even that heavy for me. I felt a twinge on my last set but thought nothing of it.…

A Heart for a Party

When Amanda Adamson and her husband, Derek, got married and then pregnant with their daughter, she knew the first birthday was going to be a big one. They went all out with an English Tea Party theme with fresh flowers, lace and other delicate details, thinking she wouldn’t do another big bash until Zoe’s fifth birthday. 

Companions For Life

When Master Sgt. Chuck Stewart retired from his 26-year career in the Army, a flood of memories washed over him. The Blount County resident had a lot of time on his hands and an increasingly uncomfortable back. His mobility weakened, his sleep disrupted, and a mess of traumatic brain injuries from seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan had started to…

Suburban Farm Life Takes Work

That’s me in the picture, and those are most of the animals on what has become our backyard “farm.” Actually, there are more, but you get the point. This all started when my wife and I lived in married student housing at the University of Tennessee. One evening I was reading the paper (yes, people did that at some point) and…

For the Love of Dogs (and Cats)

Some people say a home is a gallery of things we love, so why not include our beloved pets in our treasured artwork?

Five Little-Known, Must-See Spots in Knoxville

When Jack Neely graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a degree in American history, he didn’t foresee becoming the city’s go-to person for local and regional history. He wanted to be a journalist, and his first bylines appeared in The Daily Beacon. Post-graduation, he became a history columnist at Citytimes, and he worked for the 1982 World’s Fair. By…

Artistry and Alchemy

Making your way through Knoxville’s historic Fourth and Gill neighborhood, you might notice the precipitous wooden facade surrounding Elkmont Exchange before you realized the gem of a restaurant sitting behind it. Pulling into the parking lot reveals an urban oasis of rustic influence that begins before you step foot in the building. Managing partner Nick DeVore has been at the helm…