Go-Getters and Heavy Hitters

 Name: Kate Ziegler  Occupation: Business owner and motivational speaker  Three things I don't want to live without: Bible, journal, a phone to talk to my family because they don't live here

Patricia Robledo: A City Builder

In 2011, when Mayor Madeline Rogero took office, she soon heard from local business owners about how hard it was to know who to contact with questions, concerns and problems. Thus were the origins of City of Knoxville’s Business Liaison position, and Patricia Robledo landed the spot.

A Promising Future

When Katheryn Walker and Jennifer Hultz worked together as nurse anesthetists, they never expected their careers in anesthesiology would lead to a focus on mental health. They were attending a professional conference when they learned that ketamine—one of the safest, most well-known anesthetic drugs in the world—was being prescribed off-label to treat mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. Intrigued,…

Five Favorite Spa Treatments

Hi, y’all! I’m a local Knoxville blogger who is here to give you the inside scoop on all things local. This month, I’m focusing on my five favorite spa treatments and where to get them done. 

Follow the Donation

Established in 1960, Knox Area Rescue Ministries began as a response to the rise in homelessness in Knoxville, not only to provide food and shelter, but also to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of those displaced. Today, KARM serves nearly 1,000 meals per day and provides emergency and residential shelter for men, women and families, upwards of 400 people per…

The Art of Recycling

For the uncreative, a heap of metal is just that—a pile of useless, rusty waste.

Living the Sweet Life

Nestled in the corner of the Lovell Heights Shopping Center, Benefit Your Life Gluten-Free Bakery and Cafe is spacious, comfortable and inviting for those with and without food allergies. The dedicated gluten- and peanut-free restaurant also houses a grocery side with gluten-free options ranging from pastas to quick breads to protein powders. Customers often come for the cupcakes, but they stay…

Stay Fit Over 40

Let’s face it: getting older isn’t easy. Injuries take longer to heal, metabolisms stall, and the daily grind of life’s stress can wear us down. I’m 47 years old and know first-hand that it’s harder to stay in good shape now than it was when I started in the fitness field more than 20 years ago. But what doesn’t kill you…

A Time to Grow

Katherine Birkbeck was a student at Berry College when she took a few photography courses and caught the shutterbug.

Regas Revamp

In 1996, John Clark and his wife, Sue, moved back home to Tennessee from San Francisco, and one of the things they brought with them was an affinity for good coffee. John had no luck finding the flavor he longed for, so he did what any coffee connoisseur would do and started buying green coffee and roasting it in a…