A Time to Grow

Katherine Birkbeck was a student at Berry College when she took a few photography courses and caught the shutterbug.

Regas Revamp

In 1996, John Clark and his wife, Sue, moved back home to Tennessee from San Francisco, and one of the things they brought with them was an affinity for good coffee. John had no luck finding the flavor he longed for, so he did what any coffee connoisseur would do and started buying green coffee and roasting it in a…

A New Old House

Steve and Joy Chamberlin bought their West Hills split-level home the summer of 1990. With their then-3- and 5-year-olds and one on the way, the Chamberlins had plenty of room to spare and the kind of backyard that begs for busy children. The large, looming magnolia tree was well-suited for climbers.

To Shred or Not to Shred?

Spring is the perfect time to purge your closet—and the financial documents you’ve filed away over the years. But knowing what’s OK to throw out can present a hurdle. To help, here’s a cheat sheet to consider, with a breakdown by time period: keep forever, keep for seven years, and “revolving” documents.

The Best of West Knoxville

The best compliment a business owner and operator can receive is a heartfelt recommendation from one of his or her customers, and that’s what the Readers’ Choice Award is all about. Winners are selected by the very patrons who’ve enjoyed quality service, superior results and all-around blue-ribbon experiences. Consider the following pages our round of applause for a job well done.

Date Night with the Arts

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with sweethearts, but date night doesn’t have to be. A night out in Knoxville can celebrate any relationship, romantic or not. Consider our suggestions for an artsy night out (or evening in) with your favorite people. 

New in Nonfiction

 The NASA Archives: 60 Years in Space by Pierz Bizony  Available this month is a 468-page hardcover coffee table book for the armchair astronaut or anyone who’s ever wanted to go to space camp. Follow the U.S. space program from its inception, covering 60 years of exploration, technology and sheer courage to go where no man had been before. Enjoy full-page pictorials,…

Let Pain Be Your Gain

It’s February, that time of year again when about 50 percent of all New Year's resolutions start falling to the wayside. Health clubs slowly begin to empty while fast-food drive-thrus start to fill. Unfortunately, I see this happen every year: well-meaning people who are really going to “stick with it” this year start falling back into their old habits again.…

In the Land of Fire and Ice

It had been a rough a few autumn months with a string of challenges that left my family and me exhausted and wishing for a change of scenery. The holidays were approaching, but we weren’t feeling festive. We weren’t feeling much of anything except a level of fatigue that required copious amounts of downtime. We needed next-level self-care. 

New Year, New Flavor

Amy Ridgell's original plan was to be a teacher, hence the degree in urban/multicultural education from the University of Tennessee. But after several years of teaching and working for a nonprofit, Amy felt the nudge to return to a first love: cooking.