Monsters Made With Love

When Laurie Kay’s kids were little, she purchased a “create your own creature” kit for them to do together. The kids were uninterested, so Laurie enjoyed doing the craft alone. 

Designed for Dignity

Shortly before Ben and Jennifer Jones were expecting their third child in 2014, a friend of theirs unexpectedly went into labor with her daughter at 23 weeks. The baby lived for 15 months in the NICU before passing away. One of the things Jennifer noticed during her friend’s immense grief was the struggle to find something her baby could wear…

Drink to Donate

When Matthew Daniel was diagnosed with Duchenne disease, a type of muscular dystrophy, his parents, Martin and Melissa, were determined to do something to help the cause. After launching a successful beer festival in his native Memphis, Martin thought this type of fun, local event could be just the thing to raise funds and awareness for Duchenne research and treatment.…

Training the Next Generation of Pet Owners

 Article Jennie Treadway-Miller | Photography Chad Hernandez Photography  Cera Smith, the volunteer coordinator at the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, spends the bulk of her day reviewing volunteer applications, organizing events and training those who donate their time to care for the animals. Having worked for the Humane Society in almost every capacity, she has a keen eye and big…


“I found out two weeks before I left for China that the University of Tennessee grant I had been working under wouldn’t be re-funded,” Pam Wolf says, looking back. “So, I would be a single parent and unemployed.”