Let Pain Be Your Gain

It’s February, that time of year again when about 50 percent of all New Year's resolutions start falling to the wayside. Health clubs slowly begin to empty while fast-food drive-thrus start to fill. Unfortunately, I see this happen every year: well-meaning people who are really going to “stick with it” this year start falling back into their old habits again.…

Bring It On

Lizbette Bond, a California transplant and former rower, was a typical gym rat. She knew the benefits and didn’t mind doing the work. However, her husband, Nick, was enjoying a different experience as a member of F3, a free, participant-led boot camp for men rooted in fitness, fellowship and faith. She wanted to get out of the gym cycle and do something…

Core Focus

 Article Jennie Treadway-Miller | Pedro Mendoza  Plank Reach Outs  Begin in yoga plank position with your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints in line. Compose a flat back. Directly lift your hand from the ground and extend the arm in front of your head and reach out. Target areas: core stabilization (lower back) and midsection (abdominals and obliques), chest, shoulders, triceps.   

Whole-Body Tone

At Totality Living Well, a comprehensive wellness company on Homberg Drive, fitness is personal.