Meet Daysy

Daysy Rodríguez followed her heart to Tennessee and brought her passion for the service industry with her. She's here to build a business and create jobs, two things she's already done successfully in Miami. Now, it's Knoxville's turn.

Run On

Marty Sonnenfeldt was a high school student in the Netherlands when long-distance runner Frank Shorter won the 1972 Olympic marathon. An article about the man appeared in Boys’ Life Magazine, and though Marty was already running and participating in other sports at his American school, there was something about Frank’s story that lit a fire under the teenager’s feet.

Made to Fit

 Article Jennie Treadway-Miller | Photography Pedro Mendoza  When Angelo Falco walks into a room, everyone pauses. They look and consider the possibility that he’s changed the atmosphere. People stand up a little straighter, not wanting to slump or appear disheveled. There is an immediate effort to make a good impression. His presence elevates the standard, not in a pretentious way, of…

Fletcher Marketing PR: Bringing Businesses to Life

“How do you motivate the female consumer? In our company, we try to look through her lens for everything. How does she experience the product? How does it maker her life easier? Apart from consumerism, we focus on educating the woman consumer and affecting a positive change in behavior,” CEO and business owner Kelly Fletcher of Fletcher Marketing PR, says.…