Inspiration for Creation

Sometimes all it takes is a quick glance at someone else's work, or even a suggestion of a nugget of an idea, to get creative juices flowing. This month, take a page from the experts and dig into your own creativity. Check out these suggestions from the folks at Union Ave. Books. 

February 2020 Around Town

Findlay Elementary School opens, court dedicated to Kellie Jolly Harper Findlay Elementary School hosted an open house to officially introduce the state-of-the-art campus to the White County community with its construction, architectural and government partners on Dec. 23. The school’s basketball court also was dedicated as “Kellie’s Court,” in honor of Kellie Jolly Harper, the … Continued

Artists on the Rise

 Sarah Pollock, oil painting  Prior to painting in her home-based studio, Wisconsin-native Sarah Pollock began her artistic career at Disney Animation (with screen credits on Tarzan and Mulan) as a color stylist. It was a demanding yet rewarding job, one that deepened her understanding of color and challenged her to use color to convey emotion.  Eventually, she decided that working…

All You Need is Love—and Art

February is our month of art, whether making, collecting, admiring or learning. We all love art because it gives us a glimpse into someone, the part of them we don’t see on the surface. We are all drawn to art in different ways. We like to look at and listen to art that makes us … Continued

Digital Creativity: From Idea to App

Having started and managed several businesses from landscaping to real estate, Lindsey Lieb is an entrepreneur through and through. 

To Challenge, Inspire, and Amuse

“We want to entertain you, but we really want to amaze you.” 

Monsters Made With Love

When Laurie Kay’s kids were little, she purchased a “create your own creature” kit for them to do together. The kids were uninterested, so Laurie enjoyed doing the craft alone. 

That Healing Feeling

Bettina Hamblin never imagined she would become a restaurant owner, but it was her love for this community and bringing people together that led her to open Farmacy, a fresh take on fast-casual dining in southwest Knoxville. Located at 9430 South Northshore Drive, the storefront location once served as the workspace for Bettina’s previous catering business, Luxe. While she enjoyed…

Personal Finance Impacts Wellness

The definition of wellness according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary is “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”. Seemingly then wellness has no direct connection to finances as there is nary a word about it in this official definition. And yet there are so many connections, to not consider them would be imprudent. 

Fitness Favorites

1. Since most of the week I’m in the car driving between clients, I love I can fill this 1/2 gallon jug and stay hydrated all day.