Reduce New Year Stress with Tax Prep

Given the tax law changes for 2018, many are wondering if they’ll come out ahead. Even for those in the industry, this quote from Albert Einstein on taxes rings true: “This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher.”

In the Land of Fire and Ice

It had been a rough a few autumn months with a string of challenges that left my family and me exhausted and wishing for a change of scenery. The holidays were approaching, but we weren’t feeling festive. We weren’t feeling much of anything except a level of fatigue that required copious amounts of downtime. We needed next-level self-care. 

New Year, New Flavor

Amy Ridgell's original plan was to be a teacher, hence the degree in urban/multicultural education from the University of Tennessee. But after several years of teaching and working for a nonprofit, Amy felt the nudge to return to a first love: cooking. 

Run On

Marty Sonnenfeldt was a high school student in the Netherlands when long-distance runner Frank Shorter won the 1972 Olympic marathon. An article about the man appeared in Boys’ Life Magazine, and though Marty was already running and participating in other sports at his American school, there was something about Frank’s story that lit a fire under the teenager’s feet.

Bring It On

Lizbette Bond, a California transplant and former rower, was a typical gym rat. She knew the benefits and didn’t mind doing the work. However, her husband, Nick, was enjoying a different experience as a member of F3, a free, participant-led boot camp for men rooted in fitness, fellowship and faith. She wanted to get out of the gym cycle and do something…