Cookbooks Worth Owning

Yes, yes, you can always look up recipes online, but cookbooks are more than lists of ingredients and instructions! They are works of art, pages of history and tangible gifts that can be passed down through generations. As the baking season gets underway, add to your cookbook collection with these suggestions from Union Ave. Books. 

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Pop into Finn’s Restaurant and Tavern on any given evening, and you’ll immediately forget you’re in Knoxville. Through the front door, under the American and Irish flags, you’ll take to the wooden staircase and be greeted into the restaurant by two painted murals: Céad Míle Fáilte (Gaelic for “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes”) and the traditional Irish blessing, “May the Road Rise…

Fall, Glorious Fall

October is my favorite month of the year. It brings warm days and cooler nights, sweaters come out of the closet, football season is in full swing, the smell of wood smoke fills the air, and, if we are lucky, the glorious colors of the autumn leaves in East Tennessee will put on a show. … Continued

October 2019 Around Town

Titanic Museum Attraction Going All-Pink for October This year, Titanic’s iconic marching pink flamingos and giant ship-mounted, 15-foot pink ribbon will be joined by a crop of real pink pumpkins in calling attention to the 2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign action at the Titanic Museum Attraction, announces Mary Kellogg, president, COO and co-owner of Titanic Pigeon Forge. The … Continued

Waste Not, Save Lots

Have you ever thrown out a head of rotten organic broccoli and been irritated about it? Or cleaned out your pantry to find a slightly used bag of quinoa purchased for a recipe made two years ago that’s now expired? Or what about this one—you reorganized your spice cabinet and found three containers of paprika? If you haven’t already suspected it,…

Kitchen Accomplished

Kitchen Tip 1: Instead of creating a palette of complementary colors, stick to similar tones and vary the textures. Brooke used reclaimed Chicago brick for a backsplash and whitewashed it to match the cabinetry. Similar tones were mirrored when selecting the granite countertops. Save the color for accents. 

Cheers to St. Midnight

Emily Crutcher, general manager of Old City Wine Bar, knows how to mix a good cocktail. She spent seven years as a bartender in Knoxville (nearly half of that at Old City) and enjoys crafting new seasonal drinks for patrons to try. Whenever she's crafting a cocktail, Emily starts with the visual.

June 2019 Around Town

Knoxville Brewfest 2019 The Ninth Annual Knoxville Brewfest will be held Saturday, June 22 in downtown Knoxville from 4–8 p.m. Breweries, beer and enthusiasts from all over will gather for a summer afternoon sampling fresh beers of all colors, styles and flavors. Knoxville Brewfest is held around the fountains and lake at the base of the Sunsphere and Tennessee … Continued